Dental treatments

Dental Implantology

Implantation offers a solution not only to replace one or more teeth, but also for a completely edentulous (toothless) condition that gives back the most natural way of chewing, laighing and speaking on the long-term. The planning and placement of the implant can be guided with the help of co DiagnostiX by Dental Wings software. All surgical treatments can be done under conscious sedation. we use Straumann and Neodent implant systems of the high quality.

Dento-Alveolar Surgery

Tooth extraction, surgical tooth extraction, wisdom tooth extraction, bone augmentation, sinus lifting, apicectomy- using W&H Piezomed equipment these treatments are painless treatments. Soft tissue treatments are done with laser and electrocauter.
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Smile Makeover

Teeth are like our contact card, part of our personal appearance. Carefree laugh and being attractive – we will help you to get it all.
We help you create the best fit, unique and natural smile for a harmonious look of you with a smile design. In the course of smile design X-ray and photographs are made which are analysed by the smile design software. This will help us to plan and form the teeth most fitting your face. The graphical program provides a realistic view of the expected outcome, so you may already check the look before the intervention.

Prosthetic Dentistry

Healthy, intact teeth are natural parts of our everyday life. Their importance can really arise if we loose any of them. You should be again full of smiles!

Total and partial removable dentures, fixed crowns and bridges, implant crowns and bridges, screw retained hybrid dentures on implants, all-on-4 , all-on-6.


On the basis of detailed examination we can prepare the diagnosis, the proper treatment plan. First step is the clinical examination of the oral cavity, the teeth, the gum . Planning prosthetic treatments and invisible aligners needs to make digital photos. 2D X-ray and 3D CBCT scans for the treatments and planning are also very important.These diagnostic steps help us making a complex diagnosis and treatment plan.
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Restorative Dentistry

Your teeth should be healthy and beautiful again! By restorative dentistry, the root canal treatment of the sick tooth and the replacement of the lost tooth material is carried out, restoring the anatomical form and function of the tooth and eliminating the tooth sensitivity and pain.

Full service of root canal treatment, esthetic fillings, inlay-onlay, direct composite veneer, e.max veneer.
Happy Smile

Happy Smile

Happy Smile aligners are the latest orthodontic way to achieve a new smile! These aligners are extremely aesthetic and hygienic and they are not an obstacle to everyday living!

The invisible orthodontic system is based on the high-tech 3D technology. A computer program makes a plan in advance of the expected smile, in compliance with the rules of anatomy The Happy Smile is the best alternative for the affixed braces. The Happy Smile is the best alternative instead of conventional braces.


One of the main reasons for the development of periodontal disease is that the plaque is not removed from the teeth. Because of very strong adhesion of the tartar to the tooth surface, it cannot be removed with home dental care. In this case, a professional cleaning, scaling and polish carried out by a dentist or dental hygienist is needed. The soft tissue , the gum can be treated and healed by using regenerative biological material also. If you want to have really white teeth, bleaching - treatments are available in our surgery.


The prices below are indicate. An accurate treatment plan can only be made and the price can be determinated after a complex examination of the patient.
Consultation€ 30
Tartar removalfrom € 70
Bleaching€ 300
Aesthetic tooth fillingfrom € 50
Milk tooth filling€ 30
Root canal treatmentfrom € 50
Tooth extractionfrom € 50
Porcelain fused to metal crownfrom € 180
Zirconium – dioxide crownfrom € 330
All ceramic crownfrom € 350
Removable denture€ 500
Neodent implant (Straumann Group)€ 460
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